Life has been covered in fog for little too long and you’ve had enough - you want to make 2018 your year! Except… you don’t know where to start. Deep down you know you can do it (or maybe you already have done ‘it’ in the past), you just need some more clarity and a nudge in the right direction to help you stay committed. One thing is for sure, now is the time, because even you’re bored of hearing yourself talking about sorting your life out and getting your shit together...


  • Figure out the next chapter for your life
  • Stay committed to your big goals in 2018
  • Feel confident you can make it happen


A fresh start isn't something you wait for, it's a decision you make – 2018 can be your year. Kickstart yours with Lydia Kimmerling – The Happiness Explorer - as she uses her six-step Life Cleanse to take you on a six-week journey that will give you the tools and knowledge you need to turn over a new leaf. Gain clarity, create a plan and feel confident about the year ahead. Feeling fed up is so 2017 – you can’t get last year back. The time for change is now!

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Leave 21/01/18
Arrive 04/03/18
Destination : Super-charged
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“I don't want to say I’m a different person from what I used to be, but I have grown and developed into a fabulously happy person. I’m loving life and now I know what I want for myself.”

Adele Stevens Hotel Supervisor

“I feel more ready than ever to move boldly and bravely forward, which I’m confident will help me make the right decisions that will lead me to the life I really want.”

Hannah Thomas Interior Designer

“I was feeling very tired in my life, but the programme made me focus on me. And made me realise that I had been undervaluing myself. Now, I feel like I have a newfound clarity and feel really excited about my future!”

Tara Scott Founder - T S Properties


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