The Law Of Attraction

Have you read the book The Secret?

If you’re not sure what the law of attraction is, that’s what this book is based on. Whether you love it or hate it (personally I am not a fan), from the moment I heard about the law of attraction, I was excited about the possibility of it’s power, so I immediately set about applying the law of attraction to my own life. A lot of the time it worked, but then there were times when it didn’t matter how much I was following the steps, it just wasn’t working.


Have you ever felt like that too, as if you must be doing it wrong or that there’s even something wrong with you? If so, I feel your pain, which is why with this blog, I want to help. I’ve done lots of thinking about it’s intricacies so that you don’t have to. In this video I give you one of six steps that makes attracting more of what you want into your life work, every time.

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