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I’m Lydia, a happiness explorer who was never content.

A master of change I left school at 15, home at 16, had five different careers, got engaged at 21, sold the ring, and moved to London, Greece, Panama, Cornwall, Brighton and Ibiza all before I turned 30. Even though I had been successful, seen the world, and fallen in love, it was never enough. I was asking myself "What will make me truly happy?" and when I couldn't find the answer, I hit a huge crossroad. I knew that changing my life on the outside - my career, location or relationship again - wasn't the answer, I needed to change on the inside.


My guess is that if you’re reading this, you’re a happiness explorer just like me.

You want to know what it means to be truly happy (even though you wouldn't say you're unhappy, life's good, it just feels like something is missing) so that you can live a life filled with fun, freedom and fulfilment. It’s important to you that you get the most out of your life and that you make the right decisions for your future, but for some reason you’re never fully content and you’re starting to wonder, “Is this it?”.


If it feels like there's more out there for you, it's because there is.

We are Alchemists of happiness and we know how to find YOUR 'more'.

alchemist /ˈalkəmɪst/ noun
"a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process."

As Happiness Explorers we help you to quit the happiness waiting game and break the cycle of saying "I'lll be happy when...", "I have more success", "I lose more weight", or "I get more Tinder matches", so that you stop outsourcing your happiness to the future and discover what it means to be truly happy and fulfilled, in the now.


A crossroad is a gift - it's life's way of making you stop and see what you've been missing.

My crossroad led me here, helping fellow Happiness Explorers just like you, explore and find more of what makes them happy. And with five years and over 1500 hours of coaching experience, I can tell you that you're on the verge of greatness, you just have to be brave enough to step off the edge without knowing how you're going to land. My team of Happiness Explorers and I, have the tools and knowledge to help you uncover the clarity, confidence and steps you need, to move forward on the right path and make life even more amazing.

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