Life Cleanse A Six Step Journey To More Freedom

"I need a Life Cleanse"

Is what Lydia Kimmerling - The Happiness Explorer - said to herself when she was stuck at her life changing crossroads, with no idea which direction to head in.

She felt trapped in a job she hated, she was bingeing on alcohol and sugar, obsessed with exercise, compromising in her relationship, hating her body, broke and always worrying what others thought of her, yet if you had known her then, she would have told you, "Life's good!". Until NYE 2012 when she made the decision to take full responsibility for transforming her discontentedness to true happiness.

The steps that followed meant she lost over a stone and half in weight, she stopped her alcohol and sugar binges, created a loving relationship with herself and her body, moved to Ibiza with her soulmate and quadrupled her income running a business she loved. Unsurprisingly she has never looked back.

Life Cleanse is not about giving up alcohol, caffeine, or sugar. It’s not that kind of 10-day, starve-yourself, lose-a-stone-and-then-gain-it-all-back cleanse. We all know that they don’t work. It’s a six step journey that unclogs your heart, mind and soul so that you can break free of negative behaviour patterns and make your life shine.

Living freely and fearlessly is about being true to yourself and to be true to yourself, you have to know who you are, which requires taking a good, honest look at the 'shit' in your life.

When you begin to clear the crap that's not serving you, not only do your negative behaviour patterns begin to shift, whether that’s binging on sugar and alcohol, working too much, always dating the wrong person, impulse buying or sabotaging your success – more of what you want comes in to your life. Like, your dream job, perfect partner, financial freedom, ideal body and overall, amazing life.

So are you ready to take full responsibility for your happiness too, and to begin living freely and fearlessly as the truest and fullest expression of yourself?

We recommended that your first journey as a Happiness Explorer is T.H.E Six-Step Life Cleanse because these six steps give you the tools to navigate being a Happiness Explorer - someone who continuously seeks to live freely and fearlessly as the truest and fullest expression of themselves.

Step One: Let Go Of The How And Just Say Yes
Step Two: Know Yourself And Like What You Know
Step Three: Take T.H.E. Path Of Least Resistance
Step Four: Create New Evidence That Changes Your Reality
Step Five: Become A Self-Sustainable Human Being
Step Six: Surrender Control And Trust Your Inner Guru

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